Training, Development and Consultancy

Cognito Training and Development support any type of business to become more competitive through specific trainings, consultancy and professional services. The company portfolio of services cover all range of business trainings, starting from sales, personal development, operations and going further with in-depth specific training programs and professional services (legal, risk  evaluation, audit support).

"You are born with only two fear: fear of falling and fear of loud noise. All the rest is learned. And it’s a lot of work!", Richard Bendler


We have reunited a young team of professionals which believe that progress is driven by people with the integrity, imagination and determination to improve their future and their customer future through responsible and professional solutions.


There are no old roads to new directions.
- The Boston Consulting Group

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
- Alan Kay


Our Vision for future places the technology as an enabler for any type of business and for daily activities. Our Mission is to create a competitive environment for passionate and talented  people capable to deliver high market Services and Solutions for our customers.


Cognito was founded as an international IT&C Consultancy, training and development  provider with Romanian capital and currently company focus covers the audit and management consultancy services as well as starting up new business.

Cognito Training and Consulting Srl

Bucuresti, România


Trade Registry

CUI: 33368000
Subscribed Capital: 200 Ron 

ING Bank: RO51INGB0000999904410874

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